Discovering: Peat Moss

When you begin to do container gardens you bump into peat moss in the vast majority of the DIY and gardening tutorials. Peat moss is a common medium for seed germination, container gardening, and animal bedding.

Stupid me I fell for it, it sounds organic and I thought at the time it was the right way to go, this is perfect proof that reading doesn’t always provide the correct answer. And yes peat moss is an organic product but at what cost am I using this? Why would I now that I know want to be part of this?

For those that don’t know let me share my discoveries.

Its a nonrenewable resource, due to the fact that it takes thousands of years to develop. A bog is a wet low line area which is over time covered by organic matter (peat). Due to the lack of water movement, there is no oxygen flowing around making it unsuitable for bacteria. Hence there is nothing to decompose the organic matter which keeps on piling on. Over time plants such as Sphagnum colonize the area as they die and accumulate they create the bog.

Here are a couple videos you might be interest in watching.

Luckily there are people that care, such as the Scottish Natural Heritage, keep up the fab work!


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