Guest for Breakfast

Having coffee at my local coffee shop when this little gal stopped for a visit. Even if I’m allergic to them I just sat in awe. Do we ever really take a moment to think about what these girls do for us?

Maybe it was just the perfect location to have this moment, as I overheard a waiter talking to a dinner commenting on the bread sample they brought to the table, “Glazed in honey,” he said.

And I just looked at this bee, don’t know what species it is. All I know is that out of the approx. 25,000 different species of bees worldwide, they are all pollinators. Unfortunately, they are disappearing from our environment due to human practices (deforestation and pesticides) that disturb their habitat.

For all of us out there with a green thumb, I invite you to “Thank a Bee” next time one decides to say hi.




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