Peat-Free Homemade Potting Mix

As I shared with you in my post Discovering: Peat Moss, we have decided to boycott peat moss from out life. I find it unintelligible to pay between $4-13 a bag from a product that takes thousands of years to produce. Some will say, “it takes 5-25 yrs,” and applies only to the companies that farm their peat. Unfortunately, the majority of the peat is extracted by mining natural bogs, making it pretty much non-renewable (in our lifetime), it’s cultivation from the bogs destroys the organisms that live there impacting the local wildlife and releasing  carbon dioxide into the air. So what do we do?

We create our own potting mix made from dried coconuts that we collect from our trips (sometime we get it from the gardeners around our neighborhood when they are trimming the palm trees)


Dried Coconut
D.J. shredding some pieces of dried wood we stored from a tree
Coir and Wood
homemade mix
Munch mixes it in with soil

Advantages of Coir:

  • Its pH neutral and has no nutrients.
  • Holds moisture.
  • Light weight, which is a great advantages for containers.
  • Local and free

Advantages of the dried wood

  • Its a concentrated sources of carbon, which is typically a nutrient that needs to be added by fertilizers.

So this is it, our way of living peat-free hope it helps.


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