Unidentified spotless ladybugs

One of the things I must say I love about living in a concrete jungle are the unexpected surprises it provides. Walking towards the park we bumped into this. I’ve been trying to find these spotless creatures. If you have any idea what they may be, please let us know.

spotlessladybug2spotlessladybug3spotless ladybugs


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  1. Eliza Waters says:

    No-Spotted Ladybug (Cycloneda sanguinea) is my guess. I think the gray-brown larva may be another species, perhaps pill bug or caterpillar larva, which may be feeding on the rotten stump or fungi. The lady bugs may be feeding on small insects or eggs somewhere here. I see some tiny white spherical eggs or larva? A rotten stump is full of life!

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    1. yes, thanks for the comment! : )


  2. Jan Gribble says:

    No-spotted Ladybugs

    Cycloneda polita, and Cycloneda sanguinea

    The only way to tell us apart is to look at the white markings on our pronota (remember, the shield like covering between our head and wings). If the white markings do not form fully enclosed circles then it is C. polita; if they do form fully enclosed circles then it is C. sanguinea.

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