Panama Hat Thursday: Isla Grande part 2

John stayed home catching some Z’s from the drive, it’s the only negative the drive to la Guaira can be a tad tedious, so this is me capturing the island with my lense. As I make way to behind the hotel, where I’ve claimed some land to play on (guess it’s part of the advantages of having a friend that has the land and allows you to do with it as one wishes)


Going up the stairs isn´t the kindest on my knees, so with my very frequent I take a moment to see the beautiful things La Pachamama provides and that are just there, waiting to be appreciated.


About 20 minutes later…

First stop the Esquina de las Piñas, Pineapple Corner, we planted these first pineapples bout 2 years ago, and now we have big and juicy pineapples. Will pick one up for tomorrows breakfast.

islagrande 14



My favorite tree in the Island, provides just the perfect shade. I’ve been tempted to suggest a tree house.


Just to think about what these cuties will give us in a couple months… makes my mouth water like Homer’s for a donut.




And this is me getting my hands dirty, measuring for my next plan.  Ideas are brewing. Aware of the time between my visits limits me, but it doesn’t stop me. Just need a few more drops of creativity.


Sammy inspecting the area.

After a couple hours, of measuring and checking out the landscape I decide to head back home.




I must admit this is the perfect spot to rest my knee.


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