Panic Call

I’ve been so busy with the convention, no time to post.

One of my clients called Wednesday. There is a great swamp in the middle of his backyard so, first thing I asked, “Do you have the blue prints?”.

Looking at me like a deer in front headlights he took a gulp and muttered, “No.”

Plan of action was logically to call the builders, of course they didn’t have the plans. After 2 hours on the phone…. (you an imagine my mood and tone) they provided me the number of the guy in charge of the pipes 8 yrs ago. I called the guy and he was nice enough to pay us a visit. I was baffled when he said that out of all the houses in the compound this house and the one next door has atypical line plans, just my luck.

He gave us some vague reference of where they could be. So, after 14 holes later we found the spot.

Please take this as a lesson learn yard issues can be extremely complicated with a broken pipe and finding the spot isn’t always a simple job.

Brief show and tell,


The slope in the property just means that in some parts we need to do a little more digging.


I must say I love my crew, a wonderful group of men that are always too willing to help me take stuff from vision to reality.


Why the heck isn’t pipe sealed?


Unclogging a pool line that has never been used, and was left open by the builders. ARRGGHH!





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