Ornamental Pineapple

Walking around I came across this little one. Unfortunately, for others I do have sticky fingers when it comes to plants.


And then there are these moments

There are perfect moments, where time, space, and mind synchronize magnificently and it clicks. What ever that particular event in your life that has shaken you out of balance, achieves clarity instantly. Total gratitude for this one!

13 Days Later

Waking up to this sight of my adorable Super Bush Tomatoes!

Green Thumb Memoir

Here is one of my favorite moments, with one of my favorite people, for it was on this day I witness his brilliant creativity in action.

52 days

In the midst of it all, I must say I did have 52 very nice days!

Chasing the Moon

Munch and I decided to go on a hunt for the perfect sight of the Supermoon, which as stated by Nasa, “The full moon of Nov. 14 is not only the closest full moon of 2016 but also the closest full moon to date in the 21st century,”

Losing my garden

It’s been a chaotic juggling act, 2016. It has provided a couple of beautiful lessons, some easier to grasp than others. Among those others, there have been emotionally draining, defeats that showed my strength, even when I have to blind to see them. My plants, I believe, are a perfect reflection of my life. They react to my energy and clearly exhibit where it is I find myself.