Losing my garden

It’s been a chaotic juggling act, 2016. It has provided a couple of beautiful lessons, some easier to grasp than others. Among those others, there have been emotionally draining, defeats that showed my strength, even when I have been too blind to see them.

My plants, I believe, are a perfect reflection of my life. They react to my energy and clearly exhibit where it is I find myself. And for the past couple months they have illustrated my frustration and pain. My tears have watered  and taken toll on them.


In my last attempt I even went chemical, with a store bought pesticide. Something so against my principals.  We surrendered against the aphids a month ago, when we got rid of almost every plant we care for.

It was a difficult week, seeing my apartment bare of green. Naked of my usual comfort, realization blossomed. Through all, which I have endured I’ve seen kindness and unconditional love and the sight of it is beautiful.

Now, more than ever my values are clear to me. This is not about religion nor creed this is about the individual we decide to be. How we react before adversity. How we love ourselves. How we treat others.

On this sowing period, this is the energy I intend on placing on every seed, “Live life loving all.”



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  1. FlowerAlley says:

    So sorry. I know this is frustrating.

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    1. Thanks, I take it as an opportunity to renew myself.

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