13 Days Later

Waking up to this sight of my adorable Super Bush Tomatoes!


Green Thumb Memoir

Here is one of my favorite moments, with one of my favorite people, for it was on this day I witness his brilliant creativity in action.


It was time for a visit. I met this plant a year ago an she looked so sad. I grabbed my pair of scissors and gave it a prune. To see it now, makes me smile, like our friendship it keeps growing.

Peat-Free Homemade Potting Mix

We have decided to boycott peat moss from out life. I find it unintelligible to pay between $4-13 a bag from a product that takes thousands of years to produce. Some will say, “it takes 5-25 yrs,” and applies only to the companies that farm their peat. Unfortunately, the majority of the peat is extracted by mining natural bogs, making it pretty much non-renewable (in our lifetime

An Apartment Garden

Living in an apartment with no balcony in the midst of the city can be difficult when you have a green thumb itch.

It’s taken a lot of time, trials and errors,