Garden Cleanup

Here is a garden I received in Panama’s Ancon area. A cute little garden located in the skirts of tropical forest. Upon inspection it was evident the garden needed some TLC. Among the problems with it I found cluttering the limited light and air flow, Asian beetles, fungus, and erosion in the soil. Here are…

Green Thumb Memoir

Here is one of my favorite moments, with one of my favorite people, for it was on this day I witness his brilliant creativity in action.

Banana Tea

Delicious and nutritious!

Bananas are rich in Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium and Magnesium making them fab for an energy boots for plants.

Uninvited Guest: Mealy Bugs

Sunday is here, and we take advantage of the time to check the plants out. To our surprise when I looked at my rain lilies they were invaded by mealy bugs. Were, is the word, after two hours, half a bag of q-tips and a quarter of a bottle of 70% alcohol. Problem has been taken care of.

Harvesting Moringa

It’s one of my favorite moments when we get together to harvest Moringa. On this occasion Munch was the photographer and Bae as usual fulfilled his job as inspector.

Gratitude Monday

Things I love #132

I love those moments when you can take something one has sowed, taken care of, loved and then gift it to a friend.

Peat-Free Homemade Potting Mix

We have decided to boycott peat moss from out life. I find it unintelligible to pay between $4-13 a bag from a product that takes thousands of years to produce. Some will say, “it takes 5-25 yrs,” and applies only to the companies that farm their peat. Unfortunately, the majority of the peat is extracted by mining natural bogs, making it pretty much non-renewable (in our lifetime