Urban Landscape: Mushrooms

We bumped into this in the park!


Query # 2

Curiosity strikes, as someone that enjoys being a book worm and craving for a new book to get my hands on…

What’s your favorite gardening book?

Saturday Mushroom Hunt

Inspired by the documentaries we been watching, the boys decided today was a good day for a mushroom hunt. Here is one D J. found.

The Story of a Fruiting Body

A mushroom is the fruiting body of a mycelium it’s purpose is to disperse the spores for the next generation.

Getting Acquainted: Mushrooms

To some, panic strikes when they find a mushroom growing in their garden or container and after a brief flight or fight moment, the mushroom is being pulled out and eliminated from the environment. I never really paid attention to mushrooms before and the moments when I found a cute one during a hike my mind would automatically link it to either magic mushrooms or a Smurfs’ home.