Panama Hat Thursday: Isla Grande part 2

First stop the Esquina de las Piñas, Pineapple Corner, we planted these first pineapples bout 2 years ago, and now we have big and juicy pineapples. Will pick one up for tomorrows breakfast.

Panama Hat Thursday: Isla Grande part 1

Over the years one of my favorite places to visit is Isla Grande, off the Caribbean coast in Colon. You just have to take a 8 min boat ride from La Guaira and you find yourself in a tiny paradise.

Unidentified spotless ladybugs

One of the things I must say I love about living in a concrete jungle are the unexpected surprises it provides. Walking towards the park we bumped into this. I’ve been trying to find these spotless creatures. If you have any idea what they may be, please let us know.

Panama Hat Thurday

Panama City at night, pictures courtesy of one of my favorite friends El Ñeque.

Panama: Casco Viejo

1673 the Spaniards settled in Casco Viejo after Morgan burned down Panama La Vieja. It’s usually the first stop for tourist that get to visit it’s churches, plazas and museums which are perfect for a day stroll as you get an opportunity to appreciate…